William A. Schaffer



  William A. Schaffer, Percussion Soloist, clinician and teacher had playing experience in The United States and Europe. He served in percussion sections in Symphony Orchestras throughout both countries.

Upon returning to The United States, he immediately began studying studio drum set techniques with the staff drummer at Decca Records. Bill freelanced as a percussionist in New York, went to Chicago and played for TV and studio sets, and was percussionist for Flint Michigan’s Summer Theater, Star Theater, and Christmas at The Whiting.

In 1959 Bill opened his own studies, and began to teach Junior and Senior Drum Corps throughout the area. Over the years he played for many “big name” stars in musical comedy and stage shows such as Bob Hope, Andy Williams, Mickey Rooney, Carole Channing, Rich Little, Susan Anton, Joan Rivers, Connie Stevens, Jerry Lewis, and many more.

Although Mr. Schaffer is no longer with us, his son Bob Schaffer continues on with the legacy his father has left behind. But as many walk through the doors they not only leave with the finest instruments and instructional lessons available, they leave with lasting memories of old, and new, from a place we have all come to know as The Drum Shop............. 

Bob Schaffer